Children’s Theatre Company Production of Cinderella

Admin   November 23, 2013   Comments Off on Children’s Theatre Company Production of Cinderella

Cinderella is a the classic rag to riches tale of a lonely girl who finds her prince. We’ve all seen it, yet every chance I get to watch a production I try and take it.


In this instance, it was the Children’s Theatre Company based in Minnesota. Their take on this famous story was a wild and boisterous one. The costumes were vivid and imaginative, a delight for sure. And the actors were a rowdy bunch, causing a raucous of epic proportions in the crowd. But hey – it was a show for kids, by kids. I was able to forget my boring adulthood but for a moment during the show. What a truly fun experience.

I am always impressed with the way a director uses creative props to illustrate a scene, when only given one small stage to work with. Every scene that one would expect in a Cinderella production was present, from the evil step-sisters tirelessly berating the poor and helpless Cinderella, to the Grande Ball and the Slipper fitting. There was even a pumpkin! And a clever teepee for kids was used to house the little helper mice that fairy Godmother turns into chauffeurs for the carriage.

Overall, this production of Cinderella was a feast for the eyes, and endlessly entertaining. My hat is off to the wonderful actors in the troupe and to the children who are working their way through the beauty that is stage theatre. May their journeys be long and fruitful.